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Vic Hulshof, artworker / kunstwerker @ Winterzwijk NL

name: ..................... Vic Hulshof
born: ....................... 1953, @ Lichtenvoorde -NL-
address: ................. Prince Hendrixstraat 5
pc / place: ............. NL-7101 CK / Winterzwijk, the Netherlands
telephone: ............. +31 (0)543 522881
e-mail: .................... e-mail vix
internet: .................

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- 1953-1966 nice and easy-goin' childhood in Lichtenvoorde, in the east of the Netherlands

 with a fine mix of religion, judo, scouting, rebellion and creativity... - 1966-1972 'high'school: lyceum de Grundel, Hengelo, HBS-A, diploma 1972

- 1972-1977 Vakschool Schoonhoven, School (mts) for Gold- and Silversmiths, diplomas 1977

- Trip to Turkije, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka... for a year

- Two years selling silver jewelry on weekly open-air markets in the east of the Netherlands (Achterhoek),

- August 1980 start at Art-academy (kunstacademie ABK) at Arnheim,
section Free (& Modern!) Fine Arts: ...painting, etching, lithos, sculptures, objects, posters, graphics...

- diploma January 1986 ...paintings in acryl, graphics, and 'kinetic, moving, rotating and/or toucheable objects' in mixed media.

- 1987 Starting Design and Art Studio, first in Lichtenvoorde, since 1990 in Winterzwijk
first at PJ Troelstrastraat 28, since may 2006 at Prince Hendrixstraat 5.


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- Graphic designs, posters (affiches), folders, brochures, flyers, displays, decors, billboards,
  logos, cd-covers, for pop/music/streetheater/festivals, bands, institutions and companies.
- Paintings, acryl on canvas and board, drawings en illustrations.

- Sculptures and objects, constructions in mixed materials.

   For the list of people, companies and institutions I work(ed) for, click Vix Clients   

- Since 1989 teacher in painting and drawing at W.A.S. Winterswijk
- Since 1993 member Foundation Stichting Mondriaan Winterswijk
- Since 1997 member Committee of Advice in Visual Arts, Winterswijk

   (some with other artists) o.a.:
   Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Doetinchem, Laag-Keppel, Zelhem, Groenlo, Lichtenvoorde,
   Bredevoort, Winterswijk, Bocholt (D),Chaumont (F), Moers (D).

   Vix (art-)worx in private and institutional collections:
- ca. 40 posters Museum Les Silos / Maison Du Livre et De L' Affiche - Chaumont (F);
- 6 posters nominated for Prix de Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont (F) 1993;
- 2 posters nominated for Prix de Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont (F) 1999;
- 1 affiche nominated for Prix de Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont (F) 2003.

   Vix Worx published in:
- Magazine "AFFICHE", nr. 10 -1994, Wabnitz Editions, Arnhem (NL);
- "Jazz, Pop, Rock....." Editons Somogy, Paris (F) 1993;
- "Chaumont 03" Catalogus 14e Festival d'Affiches International de Chaumont (F) 2003;
- "Musiques" Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont (F) 1999;
- Catalogues Kunstmarkt/Stadt-Sparkasse Bocholt (D) Bocholt 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1995;
- Several articles in local newspapers and magazins: de Gelderlander, TC/Tubantia (NL).
- And of course...all kinds of printed matter published by Vix Clients, designed by Vix.....

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...© 2005 Vix design, Vic Hulshof, Winterzwijk-NL...

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